One of the most important parts of business is getting leads and work through the door. This why a clear and strategic Marketing Plan is key, using a combination of digital and traditional marketing channels. Getting this right will ultimately generate more opportunities and greater revenue for your business.

With many years of experience as a business owner, my goal is to provide you with a range of professional services and advice to help with your marketing approach. This approach will focus on the following areas below.

Setup – Getting started can be the hardest part, which is why I want to help establish your business and generate momentum. This includes setting up a business name, strategy, online presence, etc. I can also help you better understand SEO, PPC, GMB and other essentials for successful business marketing.

Planning & Strategy Development – A solid plan and strategy that looks at the next 6-12 months will help you map out a long-term goal and short-term targets to help you get there. This involves identifying the best strategies, budgets and channels that will lead to greater sales and profit. I can also connect you with the right person for the right task, including experts who specialise in a particular area that you may require further help with.

Customer Identification – The success of your marketing can greatly depend on identifying your ideal customer first, so that you can target them accordingly. This is particularly important for paid digital marketing.

Branding & Website – In addition to great customer service, the look and feel of your branding and website is critical for your reputation. I can help ensure your site is responsive and easily accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. I can also provide you with practical tips and resources, such as useful templates and content ideas.

Keyword Research – It is important to research keywords that are applicable to your business and target market, then reflect them throughout your website so that potential customers can find you more easily. I can assist you with identifying keywords that are popular and relevant to your industry to maximise your online visibility.


*Please note that I am not an agency – while I will endeavour to provide quality assistance and advice, my services will not provide your actual marketing*